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Looking for BIM Compliant Software?
(not just compatible)
Would you rather design, calc, & list with limited 80’s technology electronic hand drafting...
or with AutoSPRINK?

 Picture Above: Actual AutoSPRINK design environment with internally intelligent objects and other trades shown for built in interference checking – not a rendered picture
Specifications AutoSPRINK HydraCAD sprinkCAD
Features / Tools
Maintain one 3-D working drawing environment (no separate 3D model file) Yes No No
Instantaneous drawing and editing without additional conversion required Yes No No
X,Y,Z Sizable clip planes with non-selectable non-visible intelligence Yes** No No
All commands voice activated Yes* No No
Draw, calculate, and list Curved Pipe Yes** No No
Automated drop placement from overhead piping to unlimited # of sprinklers Yes* No No
Automated flex drop placement including hard piping to flex installation Yes* No No
Automated swing joints or multiple swings Yes* No No
Automated arm arounds (Duct work, structure, or other piping) Yes* No No
Requires Revit or AutoCAD programs and training No Yes Yes
Hardware Lock Required No Yes Yes
Drag remote area for on-screen real time bi-directional hydraulic calculations Yes* No No
Completely automated hydraulic calculations without additional input Yes No No
Calculate through multiple x-refs Yes* No No
Remain in drawing during hydraulic calculations Yes No No
Color coding by velocity, pressure loss, ability to flow from supply Yes* No No
Unlimited number of pipes, loops, pumps, or supplies Yes No No
100% BIM compliant (not just compatible) Yes No No
Produces Native Revit MEP content (without the need for Revit program) Yes No No
Import manufacturer 3D models & convert into intelligent objects Yes No No
Built-in interference checking/coordination within design drawing Yes** No No
Bidirectional AutoCAD, Navisworks, & Revit compatibility Yes No No
Revit family objects become intelligent objects (Non-attribute driven) Yes No No
Apply textures, create walkthroughs -No limits Yes No No
*Protected by Patent **Patent Pending HydraCAD is a product of Hydratec, Inc.
SprinkCAD is a product of Tyco Fire Protection Products
AutoSPRINK is the most user-friendly true 3-D fire sprinkler design program available today. It requires no Revit or AutoCAD training and its simple windows-based format is so intuitive, new users will be designing, hydraulically calculating, and stock listing a completed project in the first day of training. Results are guaranteed or your money back!
AutoSPRINK. Standalone. Stand apart. Stand above the competition.
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