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Software Features:      
Create realistic and accurate plotted or printed drawings check check check
Import and Export AutoCAD DWG files. Multiple Export options allows full BIM compatible export to AutoCAD. check check check
Run Hydraulic Calculations without having to complete the drawing or even the system and without adding fittings. check check check
Design any fire sprinkler system in 2D or 3D including completely automated hydraulic calculations. check check check
Parts Database is fully user-editable
(with Stock Listing add-on).
check check check
NFPA format Hydraulic Calculation Reports or detailed AutoSPRINK Standard Reports. check check check
Automatic Wizards: In-Rack System and Loop System.   check check
Convert Elements: Symbols to Columns, Arcs to Polylines, Circles to Sprinklers, Lines to Pipes.   check check
Color Pipes by Flow assists in visually analyzing Hydraulic Calculation flow patterns in the drawing.   check check
Automated drop and arm-over wizard that automatically pipes any real world configuration imaginable.   check check
All commands can be voice activated + X-Referencing for display purposes and/or conveying hydraulic data between multiple drawings   check check
Create a realistic 3D building models including structural members and mechanical elements and then run automated conflict recognition.     check
3D Modeling tools + Interference Checking with fully interactive Alerts dialog for project coordination     check
Presentation and Walkthrough Visualization.     check
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